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Where Comfort, Style and Vision Collide – Choosing Your Best Eyewear

If you’re here on the Blur Eyecare website, we’ve made two assumptions about you: you need glasses and you want them to look good. Welcome to the club! Our goal is to make eyewear look so good that people with 20/20 vision are jealous!

But the look of the frames alone isn’t enough – it has to suit your style, fit your face and work within your prescription too. So without further ado, here is the Blue Eyecare guide to choosing your best eyewear.

Step 1: The eye test

First things first, you need to know what your prescription is before you choose a pair of glasses. Whether you are near-sighted or far-sighted, need to correct an astigmatism or require multifocal lenses, can affect which glasses will work best for you. Choose an experienced optometrist to carry out your eye exams so your eyewear correctly enhances your vision.  

Step 2: Your personal style

Personal style is a combination of your individual look with your particular preferences. Your eye and hair colour and complexion all influence which style, colour and shape will best suit your face the best. Knowing this will help you narrow down the eyewear choices, then you can find the frames that reflect the unique style you are after.

With brands like Good Gryf and Theo, Sabine Be and Anne et Valentin, you can bet we’ve got your style preferences covered at Blur Eyecare!

Step 3: Find the right fit

Whether you’re wearing your glasses all day long or just for driving, comfort is a top concern. The goal is to have eyewear that you don’t even notice you’re wearing until you roll over in bed and bump them off your face. This is the sort of comfort level we strive for, because that’s what will help you love your lenses.

Step 4: Get a second opinion

It’s hard to be objective when looking at yourself in the mirror, so ask your partner, your friend, your kid or even your optometrist for their view. The style and look is completely up to you, but an observer might notice something that you haven’t been able to see. Are they too small, do they suit your face shape, is the colouring off? Or are you and your new frames two peas in a pod? It’s always good to get a second opinion.

Ready, set, go

If you’re looking for quality eyecare and rad eyewear in Tauranga or Mt Maunganui, you’ll find it at Blur Eyecare. Pop into one of our two stores and find your perfect pair today.