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How to Protect Your Eyes During the Winter Months

With less sunshine, less vegetables and more colds, the reality is, winter can be hard on your health. And just as you may need to take a little extra care with your body, your eyes will benefit from some additional love, too. Here are three ways winter can be a bugger for your eye health – and what you can do to remedy it.

Dry eyes

If you suffer from dry eyes, you’ll know that things can get worse in winter. The problem is a combination of spending more time in rooms artificially warmed up with dry heater air, as well as increased wind outside which exacerbates the problem.

What to do

Work with your heat pump, not against it. Instead of blasting hot air in an attempt to get warm quickly, setting to a lower temperature that is still comfortable will reduce the dry air problem. You could also try a humidifier which adds moisture back into the room, helping your eyes retain moisture to fight the seasonal dryness.

Giving your eyes a break from contact lenses and investing in a good pair of eyewear from Blur Eyecare can also work wonders. And if you’re still suffering, you might want to try lubricating eye drops – your optometrist can help guide you in the right direction.

Sun damage

There is this myth that sunglasses are summer glasses, and, like ice cream and music festivals, their presence drops dramatically in winter. In truth, while your skin may be safe during winter, your eyes are not. The sun’s UV rays are still strong enough to damage your eyes, and in fact the increased glare and reflective wet roads can actually make this season even more damaging.

What to do

This is a pretty easy fix: continue to wear your sunglasses in winter and always make sure you are wearing UV protective goggles if you’re spending a day hitting the slopes.

Digital strain

Spending more time indoors can mean lots of time in front of a screen. If you find yourself watching tv and scrolling the internet more often in winter, you will likely start to feel the effects of tired, sensitive and dry eyes.

What to do

Make sure you take breaks to look away from the screen regularly, giving your eyes a rest. You could also see your optometrist about eyewear that is more protective against screens. And try to limit screen time and embrace the outdoors: invest in a warm jacket and some gum boots and you may find being outside in winter is better than you thought. It’ll be good for your body and your eyes!

Whether you’re suffering from winter-related eye troubles or just need a new pair of specs, come see the team of optometrists and dispensing opticians at Blur Eyecare in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Rotorua.