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Choosing Between New Trends and Timeless Frames

Eyewear changes a lot over time, and not just in terms of lens quality or new innovations but in aesthetics, too. The optometrists at Blur Eyecare are big believers in appreciating both glasses trends and classic looks, while also finding your own style. That’s why we’ve laid out a brief history of glasses and guide to choosing the best frames for your unique face.

Glasses over the years

Just as fashion changes a lot from one decade to the next, so do glasses. Here are some of the standouts from the last century:

• 1920s: along with flapper dresses and suspenders, pinched-nose glasses frames became all the rage, featuring circular lenses and no earpieces.

• 1940s: browline glasses, where the top frame was thick and the bottom much thinner, was so popular that nearly half of all glasses were in this style by the 1950s.

• 1950s: two of the most iconic eyewear styles were seen in this decade: Marilyn Monroe’s cat-eye glasses and Buddy Holly’s thick horn-rimmed frames.

• 1970s-80s: the disco years were paired with oversized plastic glasses in a rounded square shape, which evolved into the same style but in metal frames a decade later.

• 2000s: the square plastic frames that became trendy in the noughties can still be seen to this day.

Today’s stylish frames

Today, geometric glasses frames are popular, often either in perfect circles or blunt squared edges. We’re also seeing more two-toned glasses frames, such as black and red, or black and blue. Meanwhile, translucent frames are practically obligatory for artists and creatives.  

Timeless eyewear

Some glasses frames have stood the test of time and will continue to do so for years to come. The tortoiseshell frames, which work just as well on regular glasses as they do for sunglasses, suit many faces and come in a variety of colours and shapes. Wayfarers and Aviators are also both classic frame styles which won’t be going anywhere in a hurry. And of course, there’s minimal metal frames that blend in rather than stand out from your face.

Finding your bespoke look

At Blur Eyecare, we believe in finding your unique look, whether it’s trendy, timeless or totally out of left field. Something that suits your face shape and colouring, your personality and style.

Circle frames or square; thin or thick; black, tortoiseshell or matte blue. We’ve got designer frames that are stainless steel and acetate; frames designed in America and France, Belgium and New Zealand.

Whether you’re after the most stylish frames or classic eyewear, the range of quality glasses at Blur Eyecare in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui and Rotorua has what you need.