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Tips for Treating Sore Tired Eyes

Tired, sore or itchy eyes are often a result of overwork but they can also indicate other eye conditions. Here are some tips for understanding and managing common eye health issues. If symptoms persist, optometrists are a great source of advice and help to protect your vision. 

Minimise Eye Strain 

If you are doing any close work on a computer or other device, make sure you use good lighting and enlarged typeface. When we stare at screens, we blink less often than normal, making eyes tired and itchy. Lubricant eye drops, changing seating and posture and limiting screen use or taking regular breaks from the screen could be all that is needed. Staring at a screen can also highlight existing vision problems, so it pays to have regular eye exams. 

What if Rest Doesn't Help? 

Itchy eyes are often a sign of tiredness, but if rest isn't helping they could be sore and red due to conjunctivitis, a viral infection such as the common cold, or even an allergy. Avoiding the triggers, wearing sunglasses, taking antihistamines and using eye drops are some ways to help ease your symptoms. If your eyes are regularly pink and itchy, your eyelids are raw and your eyelashes are crusty, you may have blepharitis. This is a common eye condition that causes inflammation. 

Good Eye Care and Hygiene

The key to managing eye conditions like blepharitis is eyelid hygiene. First, avoid or remove any eye make-up. Regularly apply a warm wet cloth to your closed eyelids for 5-10 minutes to break down oils that have built up, loosen crusts and wipe them gently away. And finally, no good eye care routine would be complete without a visit to your optometrist for an eye check.