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Blur: The origins

The why's and the who's and the what's this all about of Blur Eyecare

Blur was born out of a need for self-expression & a need to give people the opportunity to define themselves. Individually we have worked in many optometry practices, independent and chain stores alike, and had become disheartened by the mediocre, poor quality, poor frame selection and downright boring eyewear on offer. To that end what we had realise is that the eye wear itself had become disposable. We found that eye wear purported to be ‘designer’ is often of average quality at best, and uninspiring, relying heavily on well-known brand labels scrawled across the frame. We saw a niche in the market to provide quality seekers access to directionally designed eye wear. Eye wear penned by individuals and boutique eye wear houses who define and inspire the market.

The stores were made of love, of old saved stuff, and of a desire to be in a place we liked being. The space was designed to provide a relaxed, interesting and stimulating environment to work and create. We are firm believers that if you enjoy what you do this will permeate throughout your work. While it is very important that the clinical aspects of optometry are not denigrated, it is also imperative not to stifle creativity and flare. Our clients must feel supremely confident with the clinical assessment but they must also feel comfortable and relaxed when choosing their new look that will define them for the next year or more. Blur is in every respect a dual core business, a high tech uncompromising testing room out the back and a creative think-tank out the front. We take our clinical and technical skills very seriously and we believe we are some of the best in the business due to our passion and drive.

We are a small team but we are a highly qualified team. Haidee and I are the resident optometrists, both graduating from Auckland University with honours and with Therapeutic endorsement. About half of practicing optometrists are qualified to prescribe medications for eye conditions when required. A point to note is that a therapeutically qualified optometrist should be your first call for any eye related conditions such as infections, inflammation or foreign bodies. After all an optometrist spends 5 years’ worth of education focused solely on the eye.

Devon and Natasja have an intimate knowledge of physics, optics and a keen understanding of how to proportionally fit a face. They understand and drill down into individual’s daily visual needs and requirements to produce eloquent solutions. This just cannot be emulated by chain store shop assistants. It is all well and good to stock amazing product but the key is in finding the perfect home for the perfect frame which takes skills. We know the rules but we also know when to break them.

We understand the possibilities; the art & science of sourcing, testing & fitting eye wear and we believe that the service should match the product it supports. We stick to what we are good at. We are not trying to be all things to all people. That is what chain stores and shopping centers are for. We specialise in finding beautiful and eclectic eye wear that will work for you. Eye wear that frames and complements your features. We do not chase fads since your frame will outlast these. Well-fitting directionally designed eye wear that complements your face will have a timeless quality about it.

Eye wear designers design eye wear. Not clothes. Not perfume. Not cars. Not handbags or shoes. Many of our eye wear brands will be unknown to those who do not wear spectacles. The core of what we do include the likes of Anne et Valentin; Theo; Mykita; Michel Henau and Lindberg. More recently smaller volume innovative companies Vinylize ( frames made from Vinyl records in Hungary ) and Fritz ( a German boat-builder, now living just out of Maroochydore ) have approached us to consider stocking their products. There are no labels on our eye wear. Boutique eye wear brands must stand on the merits of their design and quality materials. Eye wear should not display brand labels. This is simply tribal recognition at a vulgar level. We only carry directional eye wear. Our designers create the magic which inspires the rest of the market. Devon has around 20 years’ experience in the industry and has a keen eye for ‘what works and how it works.’

In 2015 we opened our second store in Mt Maunganui. This has allowed us to stock a deeper range, push the boundaries further, and cater for the higher demand. People are slowly coming to the realisation that they should not skimp on their eye wear. Is it odd that some people spend many $1,000’s on shoes, yet your first impression is surely your face, not your feet? We would like to educate the people on what we believe constitutes a well-designed, well-fitted frame.