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Signs That You Need to Get Your Eyes Checked

Many people wonder how often and when their eyes need to be checked by an optometrist. For the majority of people, it’s advised to have an eye examination every two years, though earlier or more frequently if any eye problems occur. An optometrist is a registered health professional that examines the eye and visual system in order to diagnose, treat and manage eye conditions. Read on to find out the signs that you need to book in an eye test.

1. Your vision is becoming blurred

This is a pretty obvious sign! If you’re experiencing any issues with your vision, book in to see your GP or get an eye test as soon as possible. This could be due to a variety of common eye problems, or also another underlying medical issue. If you no longer can see in the distance or you are struggling to read you may be developing a common eye issue which can be treated by an optometrist. If it’s a one-off occasion then it may be due to daily stresses or headaches, but if it’s ongoing make an appointment with a specialist.

2. You have difficulties in seeing bright and darkness

If you’ve noticed any change in your vision in the evenings, where once you could see in the dark and now no longer, then it’s time to consider getting an eye test. If your night vision is fading and your driving is becoming more of a concern, it’s worth booking an examination. You may also notice it’s taking your eyes longer to adjust after seeing bright lights on a highway, which means that muscles in your eyes are weakening. Usually, eyes weaken as we age, but there’s plenty of treatment options to help.

3. You’re experiencing frequent eye strain or fatigue

Some eye strain is normal such as if you’ve been concentrating on something for a long time or staring at a computer screen for hours on end. When it comes to eye issues, pay attention to any changes you are noticing. If you could once read for an hour without strain, but now only 20 minutes, it’s a sign something has changed and it’s time to see an optometrist. There’s a lot of tips and tricks to ease eye strain and fatigue but if it’s persistent book an appointment.

4. You have frequent headaches

If you often experience headaches the cause could be a vision problem. It’s one of the most common symptoms people have when they need optical glasses. There are a few solutions and your eye specialist will check for all of the potential problems and offer treatment solutions. Wearing the right lenses can often correct this issue.

5. You’ve started to see flashes or spots

Don’t panic if you start seeing flashes or spots in your vision. It’s common in older people and if it’s not getting worse or affecting your vision greatly it’s nothing serious. See an optometrist who will diagnose and treat this.

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