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Benefits of an Eye Test for Winter Driving

Here in Tauranga we are lucky with our amazing climate but even in the sunny Bay of Plenty, driving in winter months can be a hassle. And let's face it, there are plenty of other places around the country where driving conditions can be quite tricky at this time of year.

Black ice, torrential downpours, glare from low winter sun, and the early darkness of winter evenings can cause us anxiety at best, and at worst, cause accidents.

But how many of us stop to think about the importance of good vision when we get behind the wheel in winter or the safety benefits of a visit to the local optometrist to check our eye sight?

Your vision safety isn't worth risking. Good driving is about anticipation - reading the environment around you moment by moment and using that predominantly visual information to anticipate what the other drivers might do and prepare for it.

What about the ability to detect an oncoming vehicle camouflaged against the background? Or a street sign? Or the distance of the car travelling behind you?

Of course, an eye test is not just about checking vision as optometrists can also detect eye disease as well as spot signs of underlying general health conditions.

Younger people could face rapid deterioration in their eyesight from shortsightedness, and older people from cataracts. As we get older our eyes change quite unpredictably, and often quite quickly. So eye testing can reveal previously undetected eye problems.

If you have any concerns about your vision keeping you safe on the roads this winter how about coming along on a visit to your independent and locally owned Tauranga and Mt Maunganui optometrists for an eye test.