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From music to designer eyewear. Now is the perfect opportunity to source yourself a pair of hipster Vinylize glasses from our range. Hand made in Hungary, Vinylize recycle one of the longest lasting plastics, your vinyl Beatles back collection, into very cool eyewear. With simple, flat frames in a retro cut-out design, the fact that these glasses are upcycled to save plastic from going to the landfill is just another bonus. They also look fantastic and they'll take your eyewear experience to the next level. Try the Vinylize Max or Rinehart.


Rosie AC/DC

Acetate Frame with Recycled Vinyl Record frame front. Official AC/DC Edition. Designed and made in Hungary. Size 50-20.


Acetate layered with recycled vinyl. Handmade in Hungary. Size 57-18.


Acetate laminated with vinyl record. Handmade in Hungary. Size 43-24.


Acetate laminated with a vinyl record. Handmade in Hungary. Size 55-20



Acetate Sunglasses with recycled Vinyl frame front. Designed in Hungary.


Acetate laminated with vinyl record. Grey Zeiss lenses. Handmade in Hungary. Size 53-20