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IC Berlin

Our selection of IC Berlin frames are 100% designed and produced in Berlin, Germany. Each and every IC Berlin frame features a unique patented screw-less hinge system and high quality materials making IC Berlin eyewear virtually indestructible. Inspired from art and architecture, designed with passion, and handcrafted with German precision, IC Berlin eyewear features feather light screw-less and flexible frames, taking minimal bold fashion eyewear and uncompromising frame technology to a new level.


Francois S.

Stainless steel. Made in Germany. Size 54-18


Stainless steel, no solders and screwless. Made in Germany. Size 57-17



Stainless steel screwless frame with graduated brown lenses.Made in Germany. Size 60-24

Gulcin U

Stainless steel screwless frame with green lenses. Made in Germany. Size 53-19


Stainless steel frame with acetate inserts. Screwless. Green lenses. Made in Germany. Size 48-22